Baton Rouge Stork & Birthday Signs installs signs on traditional residential lawns. We define a lawn as a wide expanse of unobstructed soil with grass on the top. We cannot install signs in pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, thick landscaping or hard packed soil that has been used as a driveway.
We cannot place a sign in front of public utility boxes, water mains or any other structure owned by the city, parish or state. We cannot impede access to those areas or we could be fined and / or have our signs damaged or destroyed when they are moved by the city / parish / state.


The charge for rental of a stork yard sign for a new baby announcement is $85.00*.  The rental period is one week.  We will leave the personalized bundle or plaque at the front door when we return to pick up the sign.

The charge for rental of the sign of your choice is $80.00*.  The rental period is up to 3-days, your choice.  We will leave the plaque / stars at the front door when we return to pick up the sign. The topper is not a keepsake. It remains with the sign.

$20 each star with either a polka dot, confetti or heart background + a bow.

$20 each cat sign*

Wording options:  'Purrrfect! Name has a little human', 'Purrrfect! Name is a big sister' or 'Purrrfect! Name chased home a baby brother.'

$20 each dog bone*

Wording options: 'Name fetched a baby brother' or 'Name is doggone proud"

The recipient keeps the star(s) / bone (s) / cat(s) at the end of the rental period. We will leave them at the front door when we return to pick up the sign.

We take most orders by phone at 985-871-3399. If you prefer you may contact us via email at:


Payment is due at the time the order is placed and secures the rental.

We can send a PayPal invoice to you for payment. We also accept payment by Venmo.

Stork Signs:  We do not reserve newborn signs in advance because babies arrive on their own schedule. Please call as soon as the baby is born, and we will go from there.  We strive to install the stork / carriage sign within 24-hours of your call, but it is not guaranteed. Our cut-off for next day delivery is 4:00 p.m. the day before.

Birthday Signs:  To have the best chance of booking your favorite birthday or flamingo sign, please call to order as soon as possible.  Payment is required at the time you place the order to secure the reservation.

Our firm cut-off for next day delivery of any sign is 4:00 p.m. the day before. If you’d like to have the stork / carriage signs in the yard before the new parents / baby arrive home, we must have all the necessary info and payment no later than 4:00 p.m. the afternoon before they are to be discharged.  An earlier notice is always appreciated and gives you a better chance for delivery at the time you'd like.

If a grandparents sign is ordered at the same time as the sign for the new parents, the discounted rental price for a grandparent sign is $75/week. The bundle will state 'Proud grandparents of Baby's name + the birthdate."  Please note: The delivery address for the grandparents sign must be in an area we serve.

We offer storks for baby showers for $75* for one or two days.  The bundle will be personalized for the event.

We use our best judgment regarding sign placement to ensure optimal visibility and a pleasing backdrop for photographs. If there is a specific spot you would like for the sign to be placed, please notify us when you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We cannot guarantee exact placement of the sign if you are not at home when we deliver the sign and/or if you have not marked the location in the yard with a clearly visible marker.

Please do not move and/or remove the yard sign as damage can occur. If you want the sign picked up early, please call us at 985-302-9524 and we will do so.

Please keep all lawn equipment away from the signs.  Weed eaters and mowers damage the signs if contact is made with the sign.

Please do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. When a balloon pops the sun bakes the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.

If you notice any damage on the sign please notify Baton Rouge Stork & Birthday Signs immediately at 985-302-9524. Our signs are durable, weather-resistant and designed to last. However, the signs are not designed for climbing. We are not responsible or liable for any and all injuries involving the sign while on the property.  Homeowner is responsible for keeping all lawn equipment away from the signs.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

You will receive a full refund if any of the following apply:

You cancel your stork or birthday sign rental at least 24-hours in advance

Extreme weather conditions prevent us from setting up your sign

You will not receive a refund if any of the following apply:

We are unable to get into a gated community because we were not given a gate code or it doesn’t work.

The security guard at a gated community refuses to allow us entry.  Please note: We stay very busy and we can’t wait at a gate for more than 10 minutes while the guard attempts to receive permission to grant access. It is important that you arrange with the guard to give us access prior to the time of delivery.

The homeowner or recipient does not allow us to set up the sign or calls us to request that we pick up the sign prior to the end of the rental period

If a dog or other animal is threatening or refuses to allow us onto the property

*price includes set up, delivery and pick up. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Baton Rouge Stork and Birthday Signs offers the most adorable way to announce – ‘It’s a new baby baby’ – with our stork yard sign rental in greater Baton Rouge. In addition to our stork baby announcement yard sign rental, we offer giant cupcake lawn signs and a 6 ft. flamingo sign to help celebrate milestone birthdays.